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Wpc pallet Technology

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PostPosted: Wed Aug 17, 2016 12:24 am    Post subject: Wpc pallet Technology Reply with quote

Since the discovery in China's exports of wood packaging in insect beetles, US and Canadian governments were decided on after December 17, 1998 and January 4, 1999 departure of Chinese goods wood packaging and wood bedding material handling entry, otherwise prohibited goods. Britain also announced that with effect from February 1, 1999 to implement the new quarantine standards for all wood packaging of goods from China. The EU is also prepared to take such measures to prevent the beetles insects from entering. The introduction of new technical standards and technical measures applied by developed countries as a means of trade protection. With the WTO restrictions on tariff barriers, developed countries to use technical standards and measures for the implementation of trade protection policy domestic product, it is not new. Our industry believes that the developed countries one after another on China's exports of goods using wood packaging and wood bedding material to implement the new quarantine standards, attention should be paid, and the reform of China's exports of goods packaging materials has become essential. In accordance with the development trend of international fashion packaging, new packaging materials to accelerate the application and development, not only can reduce the cost of export goods, will also help to protect our limited natural resources.
From an economic point of view, the US and Canada on China's exports of wood packaging fumigation requirements, which influence on China export products will reach $ 30 billion. And the cost and time of fumigation is considerable, each fumigation a container, you need at least 16 hours and about 300 yuan. In China's annual container exports five million dollars in the country will cost more than 1.5 billion yuan, the processing time of about 100 million hours. In the process the United States or Canada, the cost is also higher than the domestic more than 2 times.
Then from the point of view of the protection of timber resources, in North America, it is the largest consumption of hardwood production pallets, 40% hardwood production, annual consumption of 24 million cubic meters; China's current production of wooden pallets up to 50 million, the consumption of wood amounted to 2.5 million cubic meters. Because veteran tree can only be made up to six pallets and pallets up to six years will be spoiled. At the same time as the increase in exports, the development of wooden crates very quickly, especially for the export of mechanical and electrical products, consumption is very large. Further devastating floods occurred in China in 1998 caused huge economic losses, and a major cause of the flood is long, a large amount of soil erosion caused by deforestation; on the other hand of experts to forecast 2000 demand will more than one timber billion cubic meters, and then the amount of timber supply only 60 million cubic meters. Therefore, to protect the limited timber resources, we must find a suitable substitute for the production of wood pallets. So the emergence of a new type of green materials in the international and domestic markets - WPC.
The new material is a waste plastic and waste wood, including sawdust, wood twigs, bran shell, peanut shells and other certain ratio, adding a special adhesive, after the high temperature high pressure treatment made of structural profiles, and then assembled into a tray or crates. After use the results show that this is a good one kind of performance, cost-effective new material and can protect the environment. This WPC can not only replace outgoing shipments of wood packaging materials and bedding materials, but also can be used in furniture, construction, industrial, vehicle shipping, packaging, transport and other areas as a wood substitute.
In addition, in order to solve our timber supply and demand, an important way is to increase the utilization of wood. At present China's comprehensive utilization of wood only 63%, far below the level of developed countries. And this is the main raw material for its waste wood fibers and waste plastics, can be affordable yet our technology will not form scale processing of waste materials into high value-added wood substitutes, for the protection of our forest resources, reduce environmental pollution, but also has a very important significance. It is foreseeable that with the implementation of the United States, Canada ban, this new material in the domestic production as soon as possible for our existing Sinotrans wood packaging, wood shortage and the "white pollution" three problems and to provide a comprehensive, in one fell swoop little more solutions.

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