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Not Lose Money While Alching in RuneScape

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PostPosted: Mon Jun 27, 2016 10:40 pm    Post subject: Not Lose Money While Alching in RuneScape Reply with quote

Many RuneScape players use the High Level Alchemy, or "High Alch" spell as a quick and easy way to RS Gold raise their Magic skill levels. This spell -- usually referred to as alching -- gives 65 Magic xp (experience points) as it turns an item into gp (gold pieces) but is typically very costly to use. You must have one nature rune and five fire runes in your inventory for each High Alch spell that you cast. Runes cost money, and so do the items you must buy to alch. The idea is to be able to use the High Alch spell and reap enough gold to offset the combined cost of the item being alched and the runes required to cast the spell. The best way to do this is to make all of your own materials, especially if you are not a paid "RuneScape" member. The best item for you to make and alch is the steel platebody, which will deliver 1200 gp to your pocket. You must have a Magic level of at least 55 to use the High level Alchemy spell. You do not have to have a paid "RuneScape" membership for this activity.

Mine your own rune essence to craft your own runes. You can do this even if you are a new player, because you only need a Mining skill level of 1. Complete the Rune Mysteries quest for this activity. Make your own fire runes. You must have a Runecrafting skill level of 14 or higher to do this. Complete the Rune Mysteries quest in order to craft any runes.

Craft your own nature runes. You need a Runecrafting level of at least 44 to do this. Mine iron and coal ores. These are the two ores you need to make steel. You will receive 35 xp in the Mining skill for each iron ore that you mine and 50 xp for each coal ore. You need a Mining level of at least 15 to mine iron and a level of 30 or higher to mine coal.

Withdraw five iron ores and 10 coal ores. Take them to a furnace. The most convenient furnace in "RuneScape" is in Lumbridge because it is so close to the bank. Click the furnace. Click the steel bar in the menu. Often the furnace will immediately smelt five steel bars in your case and the ore will recede. You will receive 13. 6 xp for every steel nightclub that you smelt. You need a Smithing skill level of at least 30 to smelt steel discos.

Withdraw a hammer from a bank account. If you do not have one, you can get it from the Grand Alternate or a general store. Head over to an anvil. The most practical anvil is the one in Varrock, which is right across the street from West Bank.

Click on a new steel bar. Click on the anvil. Choose the steel platebody from menu. A steel platebody will appear in your inventory promptly and five of your metallic bars will disappear. Distance themself a nature rune in addition to five fire runes. Makes use of buy rs gold the high alch spell for the steel platebody. The runes and the platebody will recede and 1200 gp can take their place in your catalog.
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