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PostPosted: Tue Mar 01, 2016 12:11 am    Post subject: DEMARTIQUE: THE WORLD'S #1 ADVANCED SKIN CARE SERVICES Reply with quote

Looking for A Way to Have the Fairest Skin? Then Dermatique Is Definitely the Place for You! Get Safest Procedures, Best Doctors, Affordable and The Best Services.
You will always have a variety of choices when it comes to hair removal be it waxing, electrolysis, shaving or plucking. The matter of concern however is the effectiveness of each of these procedures. How long is it before I get the discomfort from getting rid of my hair? Is it really safe for my health? How long does it take for me to get rid of the hair? These are some of the queries that may be nagging you in the event of being in need of a proper hair removal technique.
Despite the fact that you have a number of choices to choose from for the hair removal procedure, everyone will definitely like to settle for the permanent procedure and that is where Dermatique now comes in. the medical institution has been verified as one of the most reputed laser hair removal Agoura hills institution.
The laser hair removal procedure is selective in the sense that only the hair follicle is targeted and considering that only the follicle is isolated by the laser beam, the surrounding skin is not in any way at risk of being damaged by the laser beam. The presence of melanin on the skin makes the hair follicle a target since it is most abundant around the hair follicle.
Look no further for the #1 laser hair removal San Fernando valley medical spa. Take a look at the Dermatique medical spa and you are bound to see the value of every dime you spend. Get to have top-of-the line services from our not only dedicated but also board certified staff- hair removal does not have to worry you any more considering this is one of the FDA-certified hair removal methods-.the procedure is more than just hovering the machine a few inches above your skin and getting rid of the unwanted hair.
First and foremost, you are needed to normally trim the hair on the area of concern to a few millimeters above the skin to enable proper penetration of the laser beam to the hair follicle underneath the skin.
It is also advised that you minimize of avoid using other methods of getting rid of the hair on your skin; the reason as to why this is so being that most of the methods such as plucking or waxing temporarily get rid of the hair follicle and you will therefore not get to experience the desired effects of the procedure.
After the procedure, it is always advised that you avoid excessive exposure to sunlight. Apart from the method offering permanent results after a maximum of 6 treatments, the other upside is that you will be able to access the difficult areas with ease such as the upper back and you are also guaranteed to finish it free of any infections. In the event of side effects that are normally mild such as the redness of the skin, you will be given antiseptics. Not to worry however since the side effects will only last for a day or two.
The procedure is however not recommended for the patients having light hair since the absence of melanin makes it difficult for the laser beam to focus on the area around the hair follicle where the concentration of melanin is highest.
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